Renée Sazci

Renée knows that the healthcare industry is complicated. With so many options, choosing the right path can be unnecessarily complex. At Lively, she employs storytelling to make it easier for you to make informed healthcare and financial decisions. When she's not writing, she's flexing her green thumb.

Articles by Renée Sazci


HSA Reimbursement Rules: How to Get Reimbursed, and When

Learn about HSA reimbursement rules. How to easily and efficiently track expenses in case of an IRS audit, how distributions are taxed, and how to determine whether to delay reimbursements as part of a wealth-building and retirement strategy.

10 min read


HSA Transfer vs Rollover: Which is the Safest and Easiest?

Ready to switch your HSA provider, but not sure of the next step? Discover the differences between an HSA trustee-to-trustee transfer and a direct rollover, and which is the safest and easiest method for you. Plus, learn how to transfer invested HSA assets, and the basics to filing your taxes for an HSA rollover.

6 min read


Family HSA vs Individual: What’s the Difference?

Familiar with the tax-saving benefits of a health savings account (HSA), and wondering how you can extend those benefits to your family? While an HSA is owned by one person, there is a way to tap into those HSA funds for the rest of your family. Discover how, and the differences between a Family HSA and an Individual HSA.

7 min read


[Webinar Recap] How COVID-19 Has Transformed HSAs and Why They Enhance Today’s Benefit Packages

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to healthcare and rapid modifications to health savings account regulations—with more bills poised on the horizon. On May 19, 2020, Lively gathered a panel of HSA experts, including the HSA Council, to help brokers and employers navigate questions regarding HSA regulatory compliance. Plus, the insights needed to make informed decisions during the development of 2021 benefits packages.

24 min read


How to Increase Consumer-Driven Health Plan Adoption and Satisfaction Amongst Employees

Now that you offer a Consumer-Driven Health Plan, how can your company increase employee adoption and satisfaction? Discover our three tips for building a comprehensive and ongoing communications plan that increases adoption. And the four ways that education can increase Consumer-Driven Health Plan satisfaction.

11 min read


Telemedicine: An Employer’s Complement to Traditional Health Care Delivery

Telemedicine demand has been on the rise, but COVID-19 catalyzed the technology. Now, brokers are discovering that the complement to traditional health care delivery is, increasingly, an expected employee benefit. Uncover the top three reasons why every broker should include telemedicine as part of their benefits offerings and how telemedicine services can be paid for with a Consumer-Driven Health Plan.

13 min read