Vicky Warren

Vicky Warren, once a nurse, now a freelance healthcare writer and social media coach.

Articles by Vicky Warren

Health Insurance

How to Choose Your First Health Insurance Plan

Landing your first job is a monumental accomplishment. When you get that first position, be sure to ask about your healthcare coverage - and be sure to understand the options they provide.

4 min read


Life Events That Can Change Your Healthcare Costs

We experience many stages in life and each phase can affect healthcare costs. From turning 26 to retirement, it’s important to know your healthcare coverage options.

Let’s discuss some of the big life events that can change your healthcare costs.

4 min read

Health Savings Accounts

The Short Term Benefits of a Health Savings Account (HSA)

HSAs are also good for the short term; you can use HSA funds for medical costs you have right now. Qualified medical expenses like dental and optometry expenses, big purchases like Lasik eye surgery and teeth straightening, and smaller medical needs like eyeglasses are all HSA-eligible.

5 min read


HSAs and Retirement: What You Need to Know

Health Saving Accounts (HSA) benefits change as you get older, specifically once you hit 55 and again at age 65.

Let’s discuss investment options to grow your account and what to expect at age 55 and 65 regarding your HSA.

3 min read


Understanding Retirement Savings Accounts

No matter where you go, you’ll hear about retirement savings. Depending on where you are on the path, retirement may seem like far away. It’s important to pre-plan to make your golden years the best they can be!

7 min read

Health Savings Accounts

The New HSA Owners Guide

For 2020, individuals can contribute up to $3,550, and families can contribute up to $7,100. For 2019, max contributions for individuals were $3,500, and for families, they were $7,000. If you’re 55+, you can make additional catch-up contributions of $1,000.

3 min read