Personalize Investments with HSA Guided Portfolio

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Lively helps your HSA go further by offering access to two industry-leading investment solutions. Build toward your financial goals with innovative features, flexible portfolio design, and no cash minimum requirement to get started.

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One of the most unique and valuable benefits of owning an HSA is the option to invest your funds tax-free. Yet, it’s often underutilized, due to restrictive investment thresholds and clunky experiences. Now, we have partnered with Devenir to bring a second investment solution to our account holders.

A simple, low-effort way to invest

HSA Guided Portfolio by Devenir, a national leader in investment solutions for health-based accounts, guides you in designing a well-diversified portfolio that’s tailored to your personal profile, risk preferences, and financial goals. HSA Guided Portfolio employs a low-effort investing strategy that optimizes for maximum long-term returns. And the automatic rebalancing feature keeps your portfolio on track over time with no action needed from you.


How it works

  • Answer a few questions about yourself to receive a suggested portfolio mix
  • Choose from a curated menu of diverse, low cost funds
  • Deposit funds from your HSA to invest
  • Enable automated features, such as rebalancing and recurring transfers
  • Monitor your investments directly from your Lively account

HSA Guided Portfolio is securely integrated into your Lively HSA experience, and there is no cash minimum requirement to start investing.

Build toward your financial goals

Accessible HSA investing has never been more important. Approximately 1.2 million Americans were investing a portion of their HSA dollars at the end of 2019, and invested HSA assets are expected to exceed $20 billion in 2021*. Adding HSA Guided Portfolio to our robust investment platform is just another way Lively is working to always deliver you the most innovative HSA experience and help your health savings work harder.

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* Devenir. “2019 Year-End Devenir HSA Research Report.” March 2020.

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