Does First Dollar HSA Investing Matter?

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One of the major benefits of having an HSA is being able to invest your pre-tax funds. However, some providers require you to have a certain amount of cash in your account before being able to invest. First dollar HSA investing enables individuals (and families) to invest their HSA funds from day 1.

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Did you know you can save, spend or invest your HSA? No matter which route you choose, the more flexibility you have within each category, the better. First dollar HSA investing enables individuals (and families) to invest their HSA funds from day 1. In this always-connected world, no one wants to wait and first dollar HSA investing ensure you don’t have to.

What is First Dollar HSA Investing?

First dollar HSA investing literally means you can invest your first HSA dollar. This requires that HSA providers don’t require a minimum balance for your HSA cash balance or a minimum HSA investing balance.

The sentiment of first dollar HSA investing means from the second your money has arrived into your HSA, from a contribution or transfer, you can start investing in your health.

Does First Dollar HSA Investing Matter to You?

It depends. If you are investing your HSA it allows you to open or transfer funds from Day 1. This makes sure any transfers don’t miss a beat and you don’t have to wait to invest your money. If you are keeping your HSA funds in cash, to use for short-term expenses, HSA investments might not be on your radar, yet. But if you do consider investing your HSA in the future it’s nice to know with first dollar HSA investing you don’t need to meet any arbitrary account minimums to get started.

Does Lively Offer First Dollar HSA Investing?

You may know that transparency and simplicity are key pillars of the Lively mission and experience. Because of this, we don’t put restrictions on how our users use their HSA. You can spend (no debit card transaction fees), save (guaranteed growth via interest rates) or or invest through one of our integrated investment solutions as soon as their HSA is funded (no cash minimum required).

With Lively, you can choose the HSA path that works best for your health and financial profile, including first dollar HSA investing.

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