Open Enrollment Checklist (2019)

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Open enrollment is here! Use our open enrollment guide (make sure you check all of the boxes) to get prepared for next year.

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Open enrollment is here! Getting prepared for open enrollment ensures you have the health coverage you need for the next 12 months. If you miss it, you will be left without a safety net. This could mean thousands of dollars in medical cost, with no insurance to help limit your financial risk.

We wanted to make that a little easier this year. Open enrollment is complicated enough. Use our open enrollment guide (make sure you check all of the boxes) to get prepared for next year.

Need more help? We have you covered there too. Below are all the open enrollment details you need for this year: dates, deadlines, details, and strategies. Dive in!

Open Enrollment FAQs

Want to keep going now that you know how to approach open enrollment? These are our tips for reviewing your current health insurance and selecting a health plan for next year.

Don’t get ambushed by the overwhelming amount of information, we will help you compare plans to get exactly what you need.

Health Insurance Guide

If you have made it this far, you are well on your way in open enrollment. Next, find your way to your employer benefits provider, or your state exchange to get your health plan selection finalized.

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