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Don't pay more for peace of mind. Open an HSA today and set yourself up for a stress-free tomorrow.

With an HSA, you can save for today and tomorrow

HSA benefits aren't only measured in financial gain, but also in the unique ability to create flexibility in a stringent healthcare market. Here are the main benefits for you:

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    Save more for your health

    Contributions to an HSA are tax deductible. Paying with these funds means you'll pay less for health expenses.

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    Health safety net

    Rollover your HSA funds from year to year. Unlike an FSA, there's no "use it or lose it" policy.

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    The 401(k) of healthcare

    After age 65, use your HSA money for non-health related expenses and just pay income taxes on your withdrawals. No penalty!

Are you eligible for an HSA?

  • You’re covered under an HSA-qualified HDHP

  • You aren’t enrolled in Medicare

  • You don’t have or aren’t eligible to use an FSA

  • You aren’t claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return

2022 Contribution Limits





Age 55+ catch-up


Three magic words: triple tax benefits

The tax benefits of an HSAs are an incredible way to minimize real health costs increases year over year.

  • Tax-free contributions

  • Tax-free interest & investment earnings

  • Tax-free distributions for qualified medical expenses


Why a Lively HSA?

Healthcare is complicated, your HSA doesn’t have to be. Lively is simple and intuitive and is designed to help you get the most out of your HSA. Opening a Lively HSA is free for individuals and families.

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Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

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FDIC insured HSA account. Your money is safe.

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Seamless management. 100% paperless.


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