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Tax-free Savings for Health Expenses

Nia has partnered with Lively to make it easy to use tax-free dollars to pay for healthcare

A Modern HSA Made for You

How to Get Started

  • See if you already have an HSA-Eligible Health Plan here
  • Sign up for your Lively Health Savings Account with no required fees.
  • Automatically contribute money to your account, tax-free. Withdraw it tax-free to pay for out-of-pocket health expenses
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HSA Eligible Expenses

ICON Xray white


Make sure your bones are in tact and everything is A-OK.

ICON Lab work white

Lab Work

Follow up with ease to make sure your are as healthy as you think.

ICON Contact Lens white

Contact Lenses

Keep those lenses extra fresh at a lower cost with your HSA.

ICON Chiropractor white


Get re-aligned and save money!

HSA Non-Eligible Expenses

ICON Baby Stroller white


It's nice to go out for date night, but you need to pay out of pocket.

ICON Lips Cosmetic white

Cosmetic Services

Want that smile to be extra white? Go for it, but not with your HSA.

ICON Insurance premiums white

Dental Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums are not covered by HSAs.

ICON Baby Bottle Formula white


Baby formula might be required but is not an eligible HSA expense.

Health savings made easy

Lively HSAs works alongside high deductible health plans to save you money on out-of-pocket expenses. Open your Lively account to begin saving today!

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