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Moving From the Security of a PPO/HMO to an HDHP Paired with an Health Savings Account (HSA)?

It’s hardly newsworthy that health insurance and health payments are becoming more expensive.  This trend impacts employers, who still pay the majority of health care costs in the US, as well as employees whose share of the total costs continues to increase.  This cost sharing occurs in a few components, as well as across insurance formats, the most popular choices being PPOs and HDHPs.  Here we will discuss a few of the major factors in deciding to select one over the other.

“Moving From the Security of a PPO/HMO to an HDHP Paired with an Health Savings Account (HSA)?”

Changing Health Insurance

Moving from a PPO or HMO to an HDHP and HSA

Moving health insurance plans (or providers) is the most important benefits decisions you will make this year. It affects both your health and your wealth.

Health insurance is designed to deliver medical care and access, with set financial parameters. With that in mind, we will review why this goal can become somewhat convoluted and complicated when selecting a health plan.

“Moving from a PPO or HMO to an HDHP and HSA”

Small Business HSA

Small Business HSA

Few benefits in healthcare are one size fits all. HSAs are no different. Finding an HSA, that works with your existing healthcare benefits (and payroll systems) will save you time and money today. Finding an HSA that scales as your business grows, will ensure you don’t have to waste time next year!

“Small Business HSA”


Can I have (or offer) an HRA and HSA?

The complexities of the healthcare space aren’t for the faint of heart. New regulations pile on top of existing,  as new products are added to the healthcare marketplace. These complexities, also create new healthcare and health savings opportunities.

In fact, combining health savings options in complex formats can save both employers and employees money year over year. Imagine paying less for healthcare and having health funds that can grow over the next 20 years. Where can I sign up?

“Can I have (or offer) an HRA and HSA?”

open enrollment advantages

The Advantages of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment means options. You are given time to compare, review, and select your healthcare plan based on your expected needs. From there, you can add auxiliary benefits and health savings tools, like the HSA, to better optimize your cost and benefits experience.

“The Advantages of Open Enrollment”

Open Enrollment 2018

Open Enrollment 2018 Details

Effective today, November 1, 2017, healthcare open enrollment for 2018 has arrived! This year, open enrollment for the health insurance marketplace is a bit shorter than in previous years. The good news is, we are here to provide the crucial details you need to get healthcare coverage in 2018.

“Open Enrollment 2018 Details”

Lively Co-Founder Shobin Uralil

Why I switched off my family’s health insurance plan onto my own High Deductible

When Alex & I started Lively, we did everything in our power to keep costs down (and we still are). As a result, when we hired the first two members of our team and put in place health insurance for them, I decided not to enroll in Lively’s health plan because I could get it through my wife’s company. At that time (and in my mind), the decision was simple.

“Why I switched off my family’s health insurance plan onto my own High Deductible”

health insurance

Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Open enrollment is right around the corner, or for many of us, it has already started. Open enrollment is a perfect time to review your health insurance considerations. Not just because it’s required, but because healthcare costs are a top expense for many US households. Finding the best health insurance plan for yourself or your family could save you money, time and finally grant you peace of mind for all your health expenses.


What is an HSA?

At Lively, we live and breathe all things health accounts and HSA related, but you might not and why should you, you have better things to do! We want to help you save time, so let us give you the simple and straight forward details regarding HSAs (health savings accounts).

“What is an HSA?”