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HSAs and Healthcare

HSAs and Healthcare

Deciding which healthcare plan is right for you is like trying to get a jumbo jet to land on a railroad track. Premiums. Out-of-pocket costs. Coverage. Blah! They all seem more complicated than the next. Healthcare is a moving target that changes from year to year, plan to plan, and is further complicated as you age (and your costs rise) or as your lifestyle changes. Understanding that you can use other existing benefits to create a more robust health experience, might seem like the last thing you want to do. In this case, more benefits might actually reduce the complexities of your healthcare. Before we get into that, let’s break down your health insurance considerations.

“HSAs and Healthcare”

Health costs

How to Pay for Healthcare Costs

The most common criticism of HSAs is that they don’t help pay for medical expenses and as such, they are often pigeoned holed as a great savings tool for the young or wealthy, but not help for the average American. We think this is mostly a misconception. Let me show you how to use an HSA, even if you can’t make regular contributions, due to financial constraints.