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hmo vs. ppo

PPO vs. HMO Health Insurance

Having choice is awesome and when it comes to types of healthcare plans, you might have a glut of it.  In this article we’ll take you through the difference between PPO and HMO health plans to help you make a more informed decision.

“PPO vs. HMO Health Insurance”

hmo costs

Expected HMO Costs

HMO health plans are often the more affordable option for healthcare but costs of these individual plans can vary widely, even within the same HMO provider.  Here’s an outline of the general costs you can expect and an explanation on how those can go up or down depending on the category of plan you choose.

“Expected HMO Costs”

lower medical costs

How to Lower Your Medical Costs

Taking care of ourselves is an increasing financial burden. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that in the 10 years through 2016, employees’ with health insurance coverage have seen their share of costs rise more than 50%  on average while wages have, on average, risen less than 30%.

“How to Lower Your Medical Costs”

employee healthcare guide

The Employee’s Guide to Buying Healthcare

If your employer is offering you healthcare, congratulations!  Hopefully that means they’re also sharing some of the cost.  If they’re not sharing some of the cost, consider the plans they’re offering in conjunction with plans offered on Healthcare.gov.  Here, you might be able to find the same or better plans for cheaper as you might also qualify for a tax credit.  For a guide to buying healthcare as an individual check out our guide here.

“The Employee’s Guide to Buying Healthcare”

self employed health insurance

The Self-Employed Person’s Guide to Buying Health Insurance

Being your own boss has a ton of benefits: your time is flexible, you’re working on what you want to work on, the only drawback is when it comes to health benefits, you’re on your own.  Which means you’re paying for 100% of the monthly premium, plus your deductible and any other out-of-pocket expenses.  In the past, this may have made it tempting to go without health insurance, but now, there are multiple avenues to buying affordable coverage as a self-employed person. “The Self-Employed Person’s Guide to Buying Health Insurance”

Health Insurance Options

Moving From the Security of a PPO/HMO to an HDHP Paired with an Health Savings Account (HSA)?

It’s hardly newsworthy that health insurance and health payments are becoming more expensive.  This trend impacts employers, who still pay the majority of health care costs in the US, as well as employees whose share of the total costs continues to increase.  This cost sharing occurs in a few components, as well as across insurance formats, the most popular choices being PPOs and HDHPs.  Here we will discuss a few of the major factors in deciding to select one over the other.

“Moving From the Security of a PPO/HMO to an HDHP Paired with an Health Savings Account (HSA)?”

Changing Health Insurance

Moving from a PPO or HMO to an HDHP and HSA

Moving health insurance plans (or providers) is the most important benefits decisions you will make this year. It affects both your health and your wealth.

Health insurance is designed to deliver medical care and access, with set financial parameters. With that in mind, we will review why this goal can become somewhat convoluted and complicated when selecting a health plan.

“Moving from a PPO or HMO to an HDHP and HSA”

health insurance

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a specific type of insurance coverage that covers medical and healthcare expenses. Health insurance reduces financial risk by reimbursing individuals or paying the provider directly for predefined costs in exchange for monthly premiums. Health insurance covers healthcare costs.

“What is Health Insurance?”

cheap vs. value insurance

Cheap vs. Value Insurance

Comparing insurance plans is about as easy as deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The verbose terms and legal jargon might as well be in a foreign language. The language is designed to confuse you. It can mask important cost scenarios that will affect your out-of-pocket expenses.

“Cheap vs. Value Insurance”

HSAs and Healthcare

HSAs and Healthcare

Deciding which healthcare plan is right for you is like trying to get a jumbo jet to land on a railroad track. Premiums. Out-of-pocket costs. Coverage. Blah! They all seem more complicated than the next. Healthcare is a moving target that changes from year to year, plan to plan, and is further complicated as you age (and your costs rise) or as your lifestyle changes. Understanding that you can use other existing benefits to create a more robust health experience, might seem like the last thing you want to do. In this case, more benefits might actually reduce the complexities of your healthcare. Before we get into that, let’s break down your health insurance considerations.

“HSAs and Healthcare”

best hr benefits

Best HR Benefits

Free drinks. Multiple restaurants. Sleep pods. Messages. Lounges. HR benefits feel more like a cruise ship than an office setting these days. As more companies expand benefits offering, in a competitive market, others companies must follow. We are left with a laundry list of benefits – some not worthy of the explanations they require.

“Best HR Benefits”

I just signed up for healthcare

I just signed up for Health Insurance. What to do Next

In the first two weeks of open enrollment, 1.46 million Americans have signed up for individual healthcare through healthcare.gov. That is a 46% increase over the same period last year. Couple that with the traditional employer open enrollment that is happening in offices all across the country and millions upon millions of Americans are reviewing, comparing, and selecting healthcare over the last and next few weeks.

“I just signed up for Health Insurance. What to do Next”

Lively Co-Founder Shobin Uralil

Why I switched off my family’s health insurance plan onto my own High Deductible

When Alex & I started Lively, we did everything in our power to keep costs down (and we still are). As a result, when we hired the first two members of our team and put in place health insurance for them, I decided not to enroll in Lively’s health plan because I could get it through my wife’s company. At that time (and in my mind), the decision was simple.

“Why I switched off my family’s health insurance plan onto my own High Deductible”