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HSA Spend Save Invest

HSA Funds: Spend, Save or Invest?

Perhaps the only decisions more personal than health decisions are the financial ones – How much should I save?  Where should I save? Where can I find help if I need it?  These are big questions and deserve attention.  Your choices create options after only a few years and become life-altering over a career.

“HSA Funds: Spend, Save or Invest?”

Individual vs. Family HSA

Individual vs. Family HSA

There are two categories of HSAs: individual and family. Here are all the juicy details of what you need to know about eligibility and benefits to maximize your savings and tax value for an individual or family Health Savings Account (HSA).

2017 HSA Growth

HSA Growth

HSAs aren’t new. In fact, they have been around since 2003. However, HSA growth in recent years has accelerated as consumers and employers begin to further understand their value for long-term health savings.

HSA Guidelines

HSA Account Guidelines

HSA account guidelines change year to year, but don’t worry we will keep you updated on all IRS guidelines. See current HSA guidelines for 2017 below so you can make the most of your health savings account.

HSA and Retirement

HSAs and Retirement

Retirement healthcare costs are expected to exceed $275,000 per couple. This is on top of existing Medicare coverage. An HSA is the only health saving vehicle that allows individuals and families to prepare for these long-term health costs.

How to Open an HSA

How to Open an HSA

HSAs are a great health savings vehicle. Use them for expected and unexpected expenses this year and for years to come. Here is how to open an HSA and get started.

Better Care Reconciliation Act

Better Care Reconciliation Act: What You Need to Know

The US Senate released the full details of the 2017 Better Care Reconciliation Act that they have been working on, in private, for the last few weeks. This bill is in response to House Bill, H.R.1628 – American Health Care Act of 2017, that passed the House on May 4, 2017.  There are key changes to both the House bill and Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). Let us break it down for you.

“Better Care Reconciliation Act: What You Need to Know”


What is an HSA?

At Lively, we live and breathe all things health accounts and HSA related, but you might not and why should you, you have better things to do! We want to help you save time, so let us give you the simple and straight forward details regarding HSAs (health savings accounts).

“What is an HSA?”

HRA vs HSA Details

Comparing the HRA and HSA

If you ever explored tax-favored health plans, you probably got your fill of acronyms – HRA, HSA, FSA, and the Archer MSA. Isn’t it amazing how a few strategically placed letters make the meaning so different?

“Comparing the HRA and HSA”