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5 Common HSA Pitfalls

Don’t miss the HSA opportunities that are here for the taking. It might be costing you money. We want to help, so we outlined the most common HSA pitfalls. By avoiding these common mistakes, not only can you ensure you aren’t losing out on many common HSA benefits, but your diligence will add some less understood HSA benefits that can save you even more.

“5 Common HSA Pitfalls”

Andrew Schwartz

HSAs Make A Great Buy And Hold Proposition

Are you aware that there is an investment option available that allows for tax-deductible contributions and also for tax-free distributions?

First introduced back in 2004, Health Savings Accounts offer individuals that unique winning combination. The favorable tax advantages of HSAs has caused them to become increasingly more popular in recent years.

“HSAs Make A Great Buy And Hold Proposition”

#1 HSA Provider

#1 HSA Provider

We are excited to share with you, that Lively is now the #1 rated HSA Provider on HSASearch.com (A Devenir company). We want to thank the many customers who took the time to review our HSA offering and give us such a high rating.

“#1 HSA Provider”

Health costs

How to Pay for Healthcare Costs

The most common criticism of HSAs is that they don’t help pay for medical expenses and as such, they are often pigeoned holed as a great savings tool for the young or wealthy, but not help for the average American. We think this is mostly a misconception. Let me show you how to use an HSA, even if you can’t make regular contributions, due to financial constraints.