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Get your HSA Debit Card Before January 1st

As we roll through open enrollment and reach a quick end to 2017, we wanted to help you plan for the New Year! For anyone whose medical effective date is January 1st, don’t wait too much longer to ensure that you have your HSA Debit Card in hand by then. You can add an HSA to your benefits offering at any time of the year (even outside of open enrollment), however signing up now ensures employees can take full advantage of their HSA benefits by January 1, 2018.

“Get your HSA Debit Card Before January 1st”

open enrollment advantages

The Advantages of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment means options. You are given time to compare, review, and select your healthcare plan based on your expected needs. From there, you can add auxiliary benefits and health savings tools, like the HSA, to better optimize your cost and benefits experience.

“The Advantages of Open Enrollment”

I just signed up for healthcare

I just signed up for Health Insurance. What to do Next

In the first two weeks of open enrollment, 1.46 million Americans have signed up for individual healthcare through healthcare.gov. That is a 46% increase over the same period last year. Couple that with the traditional employer open enrollment that is happening in offices all across the country and millions upon millions of Americans are reviewing, comparing, and selecting healthcare over the last and next few weeks.

“I just signed up for Health Insurance. What to do Next”

Save Money Obamacare

How to Save Money on Obamacare

Unless you have been living under a rock this week, you know two things. First, open enrollment has arrived for the individual healthcare marketplace (aka Obamacare). Second, and not surprising, healthcare premiums have gotten more expensive, in some cases much more. Without getting into the politics of it all, we want to show you, what you can do today to make healthcare costs less expensive so you can save the most money.

“How to Save Money on Obamacare”

Open Enrollment Series

Am I OK, Will I Be OK? – Open Enrollment Series

“Am I OK, Will I Be OK?” And Other Questions Open Enrollment Cannot Answer, But May Help

Open enrollment is here.  While many see the annual ritual of reviewing current health coverage and studying upcoming benefit changes as yet another chore, multiple research studies, backed up by behavioral theory, suggest something larger is at work.  Your choices create a financial wellness generator capable of building long-term security for you and your family.

“Am I OK, Will I Be OK? – Open Enrollment Series”

Open Enrollment 2018

Open Enrollment 2018 Details

Effective today, November 1, 2017, healthcare open enrollment for 2018 has arrived! This year, open enrollment for the health insurance marketplace is a bit shorter than in previous years. The good news is, we are here to provide the crucial details you need to get healthcare coverage in 2018.

“Open Enrollment 2018 Details”

Open Enrollment 2018

Open Enrollment 2018 Strategy

It’s the busy time of year for all benefits managers and HR experts – like tax season for accountants. As part of that, we wanted to review the goals and considerations of open enrollment and take a new approach to the classic employer problem – balancing increasing benefits costs with value.


“Open Enrollment 2018 Strategy”