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personal finance

Why is Your Credit Score so Important?

Your credit score is only a part of your total financial picture, but it can have a huge effect on the rest of it.  Lenders, insurers and sometimes even employers will look at this number, in addition to your overall credit report, to determine your risk as a borrower, a customer and an employee.  What...

personal finance

What are Simple, Effective Investing Strategies?

If you spend more than five minutes watching CNBC or scrolling through a financial website, you might get the impression that investing is complicated. It doesn’t have to be. You can tune out a lot of the noise and reach your long-term goals by following a few simple investing strategies: Use Mutual Funds and ETFs...

personal finance

How to Maximize Savings

Having savings tucked away in a bank account is the ultimate peace-of-mind financial move. It’s how you handle an unexpected expense without having to resort to putting it on a credit card that then charges you 16% or more interest when you can’t pay off the balance in full. Yet according to a recent federal...