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Lively HSA Marketplace

HSA Marketplace

Save Time and Money on Health Expenses

Healthcare is expensive. This isn’t news to you. Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are almost $10,000 per individual each year. HSAs can help reduce those costs, but what about all of the wasted time you get stuck searching for inferior healthcare services, providers or solutions? Combining the time and money you waste on healthcare each year, will leave your head spinning. There are many solutions that tackle each of these problems, but a truly modern experience needs to solve both.

“HSA Marketplace”

Andrew Schwartz

HSAs Make A Great Buy And Hold Proposition

Are you aware that there is an investment option available that allows for tax-deductible contributions and also for tax-free distributions?

First introduced back in 2004, Health Savings Accounts offer individuals that unique winning combination. The favorable tax advantages of HSAs has caused them to become increasingly more popular in recent years.

“HSAs Make A Great Buy And Hold Proposition”

stealth ira

The Stealth IRA

The value of a 401k and an IRA cannot be understated. However, there is a clearly a limit on their tax advantages based on the annual contribution limits. On top of that, you are penalized if you want to use any of these funds before retirement.

“The Stealth IRA”

HSA Spend Save Invest

HSA Funds: Spend, Save or Invest?

Perhaps the only decisions more personal than health decisions are the financial ones – How much should I save?  Where should I save? Where can I find help if I need it?  These are big questions and deserve attention.  Your choices create options after only a few years and become life-altering over a career.

“HSA Funds: Spend, Save or Invest?”

HSA and Retirement

HSAs and Retirement

Retirement healthcare costs are expected to exceed $275,000 per couple. This is on top of existing Medicare coverage. An HSA is the only health saving vehicle that allows individuals and families to prepare for these long-term health costs.