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If your goal is to maximize employee benefits and minimize cost, it might be worth getting to know the QSEHRA and HSA. We will break down their value as separate and conjoined HR benefits of the QSEHRA and HSA.


SMB Ownership and HSA Eligibility

SMB Owners: Can I Contribute to an HSA?

Small business owners are always looking for ways to maximize benefits while minimizing cost for both themselves and their employees. A small business HSA is a perfect way to limit healthcare costs while ensuring you have the dedicated money you need to pay for medical costs. What you might not know is that your company legal structure, and ownership stake, might impact your HSA contributions.

“SMB Owners: Can I Contribute to an HSA?”

Abby Eisenkraft

How to run a business and maximize your tax savings

From the earliest days of my tax practice, clients came to me with difficult and seemingly unsolvable problems that I was able to resolve for them.   I also had the opportunity of working with people at all stages of their small businesses.  Over the years, in part thanks to the economy, my office saw more and more clients with small businesses, and with that comes the mistakes, the unrealistic expectations, and the lack of tax knowledge in this important area.

“How to run a business and maximize your tax savings”

Small Business HSA

Small Business HSA

Few benefits in healthcare are one size fits all. HSAs are no different. Finding an HSA, that works with your existing healthcare benefits (and payroll systems) will save you time and money today. Finding an HSA that scales as your business grows, will ensure you don’t have to waste time next year!

“Small Business HSA”