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lower tax burden

How to Lower your Tax Burden

Lowering your tax burden (for those who pay taxes) should mean more savings. You get to keep more of your money from the IRS. How you use this newly saved money is up to you.

Finding the IRS compliant tax-savings vehicles that allow you to save the most, is what we will explore today.

“How to Lower your Tax Burden”

IRS Form 5498-SA

Do I Need to Wait for IRS Form 5498-SA to File My Taxes?

We are in the thick of tax season and some of you (especially those who are expecting a refund) are anxious to get your taxes filed. If you have an HSA, you might be waiting on your IRS Form 5498-SA. IRS Form 5498-SA are typically sent out in May of each year. What can you do if you want to file your taxes now and not file a tax submission extension to wait for IRS Form 5498-SA?

“Do I Need to Wait for IRS Form 5498-SA to File My Taxes?”

HSA and Taxes

What to Expect: HSA & Taxes

Need some help? Lively is here to dissect the complexity of your HSA tax obligations. We will help showcase key requirements you need no matter if you this is your first year with an HSA, have multiple HSAs, or transferred your HSA to a new provider.

“What to Expect: HSA & Taxes”

Maximize Tax Savings

Maximize Tax Savings for 2017

Keeping more of your money is always a good thing. An HSA can help you maximize your tax savings to save more or invest more money for your financial health future. Understanding HSA tax implications, contribution limits and date requirements are the first steps to ensuring you can maximize your tax savings in 2017. From there, you can work with a certified tax or financial professional to best optimize your HSA funds along with other tax vehicles to save the most tax-free money in 2017.

“Maximize Tax Savings for 2017”

HSA Tax Plan

The HSA Tax Plan

With Washington being in the news a lot this year for healthcare and tax reform, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to wait around in limbo?

“The HSA Tax Plan”