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Your completely paperless, modern HSA.

Finally, a stress-free way to take full advantage of your healthcare and future. Invest in Your Health™

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Contributions & Transfers

Easily fund your Lively HSA


We’ll set up recurring or one-time contributions for you without any annoying paperwork.

  • Employer contributions
  • Link your bank account

Don’t sweat over transferring your HSA from your current provider to Lively.

  • Fee-free transfers
  • Paperless rollovers & trustee-to-trustee transfers

Put your health savings to work

Invest your Lively HSA Funds with a TD Ameritrade Self-Directed Brokerage Account

  • No fees to access investment capabilities
  • No minimum balance required, manage entirely online.
  • You can set up recurring fund transfers to investments
  • Other investment fees may apply. Please see our pricing page for more details.
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Withdrawals & Expense Tracking

Spend confidently, reimburse easily

We provide easy access to the tools you need to use your HSA funds on eligible expenses and track your expenditures.

Image of Lively debit card Image of Lively expense dashboard Images of example receipts in Lively Dashboard
  • Debit card Use your card at your doctor's office, pharmacy, or any other qualified medical expense provider
  • Reimbursements - now or later! For purchases not made on the Lively debit card, you can add expenses to be reimbursed.
  • Receipt categorization Electronically upload and categorize receipts and other documents so you can view them later.
Resources & Support

Get quick access to tools & support

You may not be an expert when it comes to all things HSAs, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

  • Resources

    We’ve created a suite of resources to understand and take full advantage of your HSA. Our calculators provide guidance on how much to contribute each year and how your savings will grow overtime.

  • Support

    Don't get lost in an endless phone tree! Lively's team is ready to help you whether it is phone, email, or chat.

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