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Support and delight employees with a Lifestyle Spending Account

Lively’s Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) is a simple, configurable employer-funded reimbursement account to support the whole employee, while balancing business needs and culture goals.


Value of an LSA

LSAs meet real employee needs

LSAs are highly customizable reimbursement accounts that can pay for a wide range of expenses. LSAs are an increasingly popular solution for employers that want to demonstrate their support for their employees. Offer employees individual, flexible benefits with an LSA.

Addresses individual needs

Employers can successfully retain and attract top talent by showing that they care about their employees’ individual needs and support their lifestyle.

For those prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, voluntary benefits like LSAs are an easy way to close the gap for different employee groups and varying types of needs.

Studies have shown that employees satisfied with their benefits are linked to increased productivity and cost savings for employers.


Employees want benefits that impact quality of life

Industry research shows that employees want benefits that impact their quality of life and overall wellbeing, beyond healthcare. And engaged employers that meet their employee needs see the impact in employee satisfaction, talent recruitment, and productivity.



of employees want benefits that meaningfully impact their quality of life.



of holistically healthy employees are more likely to be satisfied with their job.



of employees say work-life balance / personal wellbeing is “very important.”

Sources left to right: BenefitsPro. “6 employee benefits with exceptionally high return on investment”. 2021. MetLife. “20th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study.” 2022. Gallop, February 2022

Why Lively

Loved by account holders, trusted by employers

The Lively customer experience raises the bar in the benefit solutions industry, with Lively leading the charge in:


Exceptional customer support

Every employer is assigned to a Customer Success team, while employees have access to a top-rated Member Support team.


Innovative and proprietary technology

Built in-house and thoughtfully designed to be easy-to-use, dependable, and to personalize employer experiences.


Taking the burden off employers

Robust education and resources, crafted to continuously drive usage for employees and take the burden off administrators.

LSA Offerings

Employers are in control

Lively LSAs are highly customizable. Work with our expert team to to design the LSA plan that is the best fit for your business and your people, starting from our carefully curated list of expenses.


Travel and entertainment

Lively ‘Experiences’ LSA


Family planning

Lively ‘New Chapter’ LSA


Fitness and wellness

Lively ‘Best Self’ LSA


Remote work support

Lively ‘Momentum’ LSA


Education and learning

Lively ‘Level Up’ LSA


Financial planning

Lively ‘Healthy Wallet’ LSA


Pet care

Lively ‘Best Friends’ LSA


Team building

Lively ‘Team Boost’ LSA


Return to office

Lively 'Reconnect' LSA

Features & benefits

Show-don’t-tell employees that you care

Show your people that you care with Lively’s curated LSAs, tailored to your employee’s unique needs.

Offer an LSA that covers what employees actually want

Lively uses market data and research to deliver the LSAs employees are looking for, so you can deliver the benefits they want. Employers can select from the curated expense categories or tailor them as they see fit with expert guidance at every step.

Lively's LSAs set a high bar as a creative and cost-effective way to show dedication to employee welfare without the usual administrative headaches.

Employers can customize the following plan aspects:

  • Which employees are eligible

  • What expenses are eligible from a curated list

  • How much and when to contribute

  • Whether to require substantiation

  • Year-end extension options

With Lively's LSAs, employees can easily get reimbursed for lifestyle services and purchases that they want, or already pay for out-of-pocket.

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Lively's Guide to LSAs

Your comprehensive guide to the basics and benefits of Lifestyle Spending Accounts.



Empower your employees with an LSA

How offering an LSA boosts employee happiness and retention.



LSAs and your benefits package

How to build your complete benefits bundle with LSAs.


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Frequently asked LSA questions

What is a Lifestyle Spending Account?

LSAs are employer-sponsored reimbursement accounts offered to pay for a wide range of expenses, usually non-medical. LSAs are a newer benefit but have gained popularity recently in part due to the impact of COVID-19 on the benefits industry.

Most LSAs, like Lively’s, are set up as a simple reimbursement account. Once employers set what expenses are eligible and how much to allocate for each employee, employees simply pay for eligible expenses out-of-pocket and submit them for reimbursement up to the max amount. Reimbursed amounts are taxable for the employee.

LSAs are generally designed as a post-tax account, though it may depend on the eligible expenses for a particular LSA. We recommend that employers seeking to offer LSAs as a pre-tax account speak to a tax or legal advisor on the best way to accomplish this.

LSAs are subject to fewer compliance regulations and are more flexible for employers to offer because they are not a tax-advantaged benefit. LSAs are commonly targeted at improving physical and emotional health for employees, which employees now increasingly expect employers to address as part of a robust benefits package. LSAs are also more likely to be adopted over a well-meaning, but ultimately unused program initiative.

Employers can set eligibility requirements when offering LSAs, as long as they don’t do it in a discriminatory way. Popular LSA expenses include fitness and wellness expenses such as apps, fitness classes, and gym memberships; remote work expenses; family planning expenses such as fertility, surrogacy, and adoption expenses; pet care; and experiences such as travel, hotels, concert, and event tickets. In general, Lifestyle Spending Accounts cannot cover expenses covered by an employees’ health insurance plan.