HSA Partnerships for Financial Institutions
Transform your HSA program to boost profitability

Offer a best-in-class HSA product cobranded to your financial institution. Hold deposits, acquire new customers, and gain a greater share-of-wallet with existing ones, while Lively handles the operational complexities.


Why Lively

Seamlessly scale your HSA program for maximum revenue impact

Managing an HSA program requires time, investment, and effort across various functions within your financial institution. Lively enables you to unlock the full potential of your HSA program with ease by taking the heavy-lifting off your shoulders.

  • Tap into a sticky, low-cost core deposit source, and hold all HSA deposits from retail, small business and commercial banking customers. Unlike Flexible Spending Accounts, which are “use it or lose it,” HSA funds do not expire.

  • Generate additional revenue from the day-to-day transactions and growth of your HSA program, such as interchange revenue, fee revenue, and net interest margin.

  • Maximize customer lifetime value with a two-pronged approach: Cross-sell HSAs to existing customers, and tap into market demand with a top-rated HSA solution for prospective clients.

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Capture, grow, and retain HSA business with a top-rated solution


55.7% private sector workers enrolled in HDHPs

As the demand for High Deductible Health Plans and HSAs continues to grow, your financial institution has the opportunity to meet that market demand and gain new business from current and prospective clients actively looking for an HSA provider.

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38% average account balance growth year-over-year

Compared to the industry average, Lively account holders are not only more likely to keep HSA funds in their account — as opposed to spending it —  but their account balances are also higher.


98% average employer retention rate

Count on Lively to deliver industry-leading service that guarantees the satisfaction of your most valued clients, driving increased stability for your core deposit base. 

Personalized to your financial institution

Cobranded solution

Gain immediate market differentiation, with your brand thoughtfully incorporated into each stage of the end-to-end cobranded HSA experience for account holders and employers.

Enablement, support and resources

Rest assured our team is here to support your financial institution at every step to ensure partnership success, from set-up, to education and onboarding, and deal support.

Robust reporting and dashboards

Stay on top of all the details of your HSA program with a tailored dashboard and up-to-date reporting, complete with key indicators and metrics to track and measure program success. 


Customer stories


We like everything about working with Lively. Having different options for different clients depending on their needs is really nice.


 Financial Institution Sales Manager

User-friendly technology, backed by unparalleled service


360-degree service model

Exceptional support for employers and account holders, with customer satisfaction ratings that are more than 3 times higher than the industry average.


Innovative, simple-to-use platform

Our proprietary technology enables us to rapidly update our platforms, integrate with third-party providers, and onboard clients at a fraction of the time it takes competitors.


Ongoing education

Lively proactively provides ongoing education and engaging resources that drive benefits adoption for employees and maximize HSA usage.


Drive revenue growth with an HSA

Learn how financial institutions can partner with the right HSA provider to boost revenue growth, generate new relationships, and advance innovation.

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What to look for in an HSA provider

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Why the popularity of HDHPs are an opportunity for financial institutions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do banks and credit unions benefit from partnering with an HSA provider?

By partnering with a trusted HSA provider who offers a cobranded solution, banks and credit unions can bring in new deposits, hold core deposits at their institution, deepen relationships with existing customers, and offer a top-rated HSA product with their own brand folded in from end-to-end.

To sustainably scale an existing HSA program, financial institutions should consider an HSA partnership solution. Look for a partner who: 

  • Allows you to retain deposits, interchange, spread, and fee revenue.

  • Helps you develop a plan to achieve strategic goals and objectives for your HSA program, with actionable reporting and an easy-to-use dashboard for account management. 

  • Provides high-quality service, onboarding, and resources for customers, including compliance help and communications when regulatory changes affect HSAs.

  • Trains your internal teams and provides enablement resources to sell your HSA product. 

  • Offers transparent pricing and a straightforward fee schedule, so that you understand the true cost of offering an HSA product.

Achieving financial wellness requires a holistic approach that considers all income, assets, and expenses, and that includes the rising cost of healthcare. By offering an HSA product, you can help current and potential clients save for healthcare expenses today and close the retirement savings gap for the future. With the triple-tax advantages of an HSA, your clients can save up to 35% on eligible healthcare expenses. HSAs are the future of financial wellness, and now is the time to get on board.

Lively offers financial institutions a top-rated health savings account solution, and the necessary resources and expertise to scale their existing HSA program. By going to market with an industry-leading HSA, financial institutions can attract new customers and gain a greater share of wallet with existing ones. With Lively’s partnership model, financial institutions are guaranteed to hold all core deposits, and keep interchange, fee revenue, and net interest margin from their HSA business segment, while Lively takes care of the operational complexities. From risk and compliance mitigation, all the way down to HSA account holder support — we take care of it for you.

In the employee benefits space, an industry rife with clunky technology and subpar service, Lively helps you stand out with an innovative HSA product that’s easy-to-use, and 360-degree service readily available for your clients should they ever need it. Don’t just take our word for it: Lively has consistently been recognized as a top HSA provider by major industry publications, like Morningstar and Investors’ Business Daily, among others. Our customer satisfaction score is more than 3x the average of other HSA providers in the market.