Building the future of how people interact with their healthcare dollars

We're bringing the HSA into the modern era so it’s easy to save on the costs of healthcare today and plan for the costs of tomorrow.

Building a solid healthcare future

Our story

Out-of-pocket healthcare costs are skyrocketing each year, forcing people across America to make difficult decisions about their health and money. We started Lively because we believe no one should have to choose between their personal health and their financial health.

Lively makes it easier to manage the rising costs of personal health through Health Savings Accounts (HSA) that allow people to not only save on the costs of healthcare today, but plan for the costs of tomorrow.

Our values


We believe in doing the right thing⁠—even when no one is watching.

Build Something People Love

Sounds simple and straightforward, but if you don’t love what we’ve built, then we’ve failed. Everything we do as a company is to better the lives of our users. This is our north star and guiding principle.


We have a deep empathy for people struggling with the complex world of healthcare. We started this company because we experienced the pain ourselves and believe we can help others with compassion and care.


We are committed to doing what’s needed with teamwork, collaboration, and grit. What we’re doing is hard, and we won’t make any excuses. When things get tough, we are not deterred because people are counting on us.

Our team

We’re a team that’s passionate about simplifying and improving how people save and spend their healthcare funds. We always put customers’ needs first—from providing exceptional customer support to building the #1 user-rated HSA provider.

Want to be a part of changing how Americans maximize their healthcare dollars?

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