Track HSA Spending

Easily contribute to your account

Link your bank account and set up one-time or recurring contributions


Paperless employer contributions

Your employer can make pre-tax contributions into your Lively account.

Automated Contributions

Fee-free rollovers & transfers

Lively won’t charge you any fees to rollover or transfer your HSA to us.

Link your bank account

You can either directly link to a bank from a searchable list or enter your bank account and routing numbers. Your contributions will be taken out post-tax and we’ll send you a tax form at the end of the year showing total contributions made into your account.

Employer contributions

Your employer can directly make pre-tax contributions into your Lively account if your employer lets you choose your HSA provider. All you’ll need to do is give them your Lively HSA account number and routing number.

Seamless, fee-free transfers

We’ll never charge you any fees to transfer your account to Lively. Rollover or transfer your HSA during the enrollment process or at any other time.

Easily Manage Your Contributions from Your Lively Dashboard

Easily initiate one-time or recurring contributions, transfers, and rollovers all from your dashboard. We've eliminated annoying paperwork to help you maximize your health savings.


Trustee-to-trustee transfers

You can either transfer your full or partial balance directly to Lively from your existing provider. We’ll reach out to your other provider and handle the transfer on your behalf.


Your existing HSA provider will send a physical check or electronically transfer funds to you. You’ll then have 60 days to transfer them to Lively from your dashboard. You’re limited to one rollover in a 12 month window.

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