Health Savings Accounts, simplified.

Invest in your health™

A Lively HSA enables individuals to optimize their healthcare spending, maximize their savings, and better their livelihood. Invest in your health!

Your Free FDIC-Insured HSA

A modern HSA made for you
  • Free Health Savings Account for individuals. No hidden fees.
  • FDIC insured. Your money is safe. Interest included.
  • 100% paperless. We don't waste your time.
  • Invest for $2.50/month.
  • Simple. Intuitive. Transparent. Sign up in 5 minutes.
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Pricing for individuals & families

Save for Free, Seriously

We believe in transparency. We don’t believe in nickel and diming you. Lively’s pricing is affordable. You can see our full pricing details here, but it’s going to be lots of $0s.

  • Transparent pricing. 100% made for you.

  • FDIC insured HSA account. Your money is safe.

  • Add investments for $2.50/month.

Invest from day 1

Invest from Day 1

TD Ameritrade Self-Directed Brokerage Account
  • No minimum cash balance required, manage entirely online.
  • Only $2.50 / month (no additional fees by Lively).
  • Full list of TD Ameritrade investment fees here.
  • Set-up automatic recurring investment transfers at no cost.
  • Simple. Intuitive. Transparent. Sign up in 5 minutes.
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Am I Eligible?

Need help getting started? We have all the answers from the most basic eligibility question to the most complex contribution questions. Here are all of the HSA resources you need.