See how much your Lively HSA can grow

Your health savings account is an incredibly powerful way to save for future healthcare expenses. We’ve put together a pretty simple and illustrative calculator to help you get a sense for what your HSA can look like down the road! Adjust the levers and see the impact.
Potential HSA balance

Potential tax savings

Starting balance

Yearly contributions

Yearly medical expenses

Years until retirement

Rate of return

Blended tax rate (federal + state)

Calculations above assume contributions are made at end of each year, not beginning. Additionally, this calculator is designed to be informational and educational only. It does not constitute investment or tax advice. We cannot and do not guarantee the applicability of accuracy of the calculator in regard to your individual circumstances. Your contributions, tax savings and future values may vary based on multiple factors, including income and regulatory changes. Please seek the advice of a financial services and tax professional before making any type of investment decision.