Lively makes it easy to make contributions or rollover your HSA funds

Lively mobile app screenshot contribution and rollover

Easily contribute to your account

Link your bank account and set up one-time or recurring contributions.

Paperless employer contributions

Your employer can make pre-tax contributions into your Lively account.

Fee-free rollovers & transfers

Lively won’t charge you any fees to rollover or transfer your HSA to us.

Link your bank account

Securely connect your bank by selecting it from the list, or enter your bank account name and routing numbers. Your contributions will be taken out post-tax, and we’ll send you formal notification of total contributions made into your account at the end of the year.


Employer contributions

Your employer can make pre-tax contributions into your Lively account if your employer lets you choose an HSA provider. All you’ll need to do is give them your Lively HSA account and routing numbers.


Seamless, fee-free transfers

We’ll never charge you a fee to transfer your account to Lively. Rollover or transfer your HSA during the enrollment process, or at any other time.


Easily pay for eligible expenses with your HSA debit card

You'll receive a personalized Lively branded Visa card for your qualified medical expenses. Use your debit card at your doctor's office, pharmacy, or any other qualified medical expense provider where Visa is accepted. Up to three debit cards are offered at no charge.

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Trustee-to-trustee transfers

You can transfer either your full or partial balance directly to Lively from your existing provider. We’ll contact your previous provider and handle the transfer on your behalf.



Your existing HSA provider will send a physical check or electronically transfer funds to you. You’ll then have 60 days to transfer them to Lively from your dashboard. You’re limited to one rollover in a 12 month period.