Seamlessly Rollover or Transfer Your HSA to Lively

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No hidden fees

Transfer or rollover a partial balance or your entire HSA balance to Lively. We won't charge you any fees.

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Stress-free transfers

We make it easy to rollover or transfer your HSA funds. Initiate your transfer completely online.

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Transfer HSAs funds your way

Lively supports rollovers, trustee-to-trustee transfers, and in-kind transfers.


Your existing HSA provider will send a physical check or electronically transfer funds to you. You’ll then have 60 days to transfer them to Lively from your dashboard. You’re limited to one rollover in a 12 month period.

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Start contributing to build your healthcare dollars

Your contributions will be taken out post-tax, and we’ll send you formal notification of total contributions made into your account at the end of the year.