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Offer HRA with the benefits solution provider that gets it right

Lively’s user-friendly technology, signature user experiences, and unrivaled customer service make HRAs simple to administer and easy to adopt.

  • More claims against the HRA means fewer claims filed with the insurance carrier, ultimately helping maintain or lower insurance premium rates
  • Employee reimbursements are tax-deductible for your business
  • Attract and retain employees with benefits for a variety of health plans and medical needs
  • Standard HRAs may be configured to fit your organization’s needs. Customize your contributions schedule, extension options, plan duration, and more
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More cost savings for you, more healthcare options for employees

A Standard Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is an employer-sponsored account used to pay for qualified out-of-pocket medical costs. It helps employers offset high insurance costs while providing more options for employees’ unique healthcare needs.

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HRA administration simplified

  • Manage participant’s enrollment, contributions, status, and more on Lively’s easy-to-use platform. Plus, export the data for comprehensive plan reports
  • Every employer is assigned a Customer Success team for year-round admin support, starting with hands-on onboarding help
  • Lively’s highly rated customer support, in-product guidance, and user-friendly technology have a proven track record of reducing employee inquiries
  • Ideal for bundling, employers can see key plan details for all Lively benefits in a single snapshot, through one administrator platform and login

Backed by Lively’s

trademark customer service

and intuitive technology

  • Stacked Visa® Debit Card for Lively’s HRA and FSA
  • A paperless, easy claims verification process with fast reimbursements. Upon approval, funds are transferred within 1-2 business days
  • Innovative features that automatically substantiate qualified recurring payments, purchases at select merchants, and co-payments
  • No bouncing employees around call centers when they need help. Lively solves over 93% of inquiries in just one interaction

Modern convenience for payments and reimbursements

Whether submitting a manual claim via the Lively platform or paying with the Lively Debit Card, it’s easy to access HRA funds.

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