Seamlessly Rollover or Transfer Your HSA to Lively

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No hidden fees

Transfer or rollover a partial balance or your entire HSA balance to Lively. We won't charge you any fees.

Stress-free transfers

We make it easy to rollover or transfer your HSA funds. Initiate your transfer completely online.

Transfer HSAs funds your way

Lively supports rollovers, trustee-to-trustee transfers, and in-kind transfers.

Seamless fee-free transfers

We’ll never charge you any fees to transfer your account to Lively. Transfer your HSA during the enrollment process or at any other time. Lively's pricing is simple and transparent.

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Your existing HSA provider will send a physical check or electronically transfer funds to you. You’ll then have 60 days to transfer them to Lively from your dashboard. You’re limited to one rollover in a 12 month period.

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Trustee-to-trustee transfers

You can transfer either your full or partial balance directly to Lively from your existing provider. We’ll contact your previous provider and handle the transfer on your behalf.

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