HSA Security

How we keep your money and data secure and safe

The only thing more valuable than your money is your personal information. Here is what Lively does to keep them both safe and secure.

Your Money is Safe

Bank Partner Choice Financial

Lively’s bank partner is Choice Financial, one of America’s 50 fastest growing banks. They care about their customers as much as we do about ours. Your funds are sitting with Choice, not Lively.

FDIC Insured Accounts

Because your account and funds are sitting with our bank partner, Choice Financial, your money is backed by FDIC insurance (up to $250,000 per HSA account).

Investments w. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade provides investing and trading services for 11 million client accounts that total more than $1 trillion in assets. That’s why we trusted them with our Lively investment accounts. Your invested funds carry SIPC insurance.

Active Anti-Fraud Monitoring

Our team actively monitors our systems and all HSA accounts to spot any issues before they develop. Trust is at the center of our company philosophy.

Your Data is Secure

HIPAA Compliance

Lively is HIPAA compliant so we are required by law to keep your sensitive personal health information safe. This is not something we take lightly.

AES 256 Disk Encryption

Your personal information is out of reach for unauthorized access. Your data is encrypted on disk using the industrial strength AES 256 disk encryption standard. It would literally take over 1 billion years to crack this encryption!

SSL/TLP - Encrypted Passwords & Access

All data is encrypted over the wire, over the internet, and over our datacenter wires. Additionally, all data is encrypted on disk. Passwords are encrypted in our database using industry best practices. We work to limit any and all unwarranted entry and access points to your information.

Data Security Architecture

Our system was architected so that all sensitive Lively servers are hosted in a private subnet not accessible over the internet.