HSA Account Holder Insights

Lively 2021 HSA Persona Report


Understand how consumers are saving, spending, and investing their HSA funds.

Get deep, actionable insights and analysis into how a wide variety of individuals and families are using HSAs for medical expenses, saving for the unexpected, and preparing for retirement, so you can be a better partner to your employees and clients.

  • blue-brokers

    HSA personas

    Get an overview of the 7 distinct HSAs personas, how they use their HSAs, and how their behavior has changed since 2020.

  • mint-spending

    HSA behavior drivers

    What’s driving HSA spending and saving throughout an account holder’s lifetime and why there’s no “typical” account holder.

  • purple-growth2

    Predictive persona modeling

    Follow how HSA habits shift as account holders’ healthcare needs change over time and how persona attributes have shifted over the past year.

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