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Plan A

Enter the details for the first plan that you want to compare. You’ll need to know the plan’s monthly premium, annual deductible, and out-of-pocket maximum. You’ll also enter the plan’s copay or coinsurance amounts for the most commonly incurred medical expenses.

Plan Name

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Employer Annual HSA ContributionsHelp

Total HSA contributions exceed 2023 limit. Adjust to $X,XXX or less.

Individual Annual HSA ContributionsHelp

Monthly Health Plan PremiumHelp

Annual DeductibleHelp

Annual Out-of-Pocket MaximumHelp

Anticipated Medical Expense this Year Choose the option that most closely represents the level of medical costs that you expect.

  • OptionNegligible

    You don’t expect to seek any medical services this year

  • OptionLow

    You only visit the doctor for check ups.

  • OptionAverage

    You visit the doctor a few times a year and have a few prescriptions.

  • OptionHigh

    You have an ongoing condition or anticipate a major surgery this year.

  • OptionCustom

    You can input your own healthcare costs and how many times you expect to incur.

Office Visit Coverage
Counts towards deductible
Routine Preventative Care
Specialist Office Visit
Diagnostic Coverage
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Lab & Radiology
Imaging testsHelp
Hospital Coverage
Inpatient VisitsHelp
Outpatient VisitsHelp
Emergency Room Care
Prescription Drug Coverage
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