Payroll Tax Benefit

Cost and Contributions

Haven’t decided yet what you will contribute? That’s fine, you can test multiple scenarios here. On the results page, we will show you the minimum monthly contribution to remain net neutral with your Lively costs.

According to Devenir’s 2023 Year-End HSA Market Statistics & Trends report, the average employee HSA contribution was $189 per month or $2,269 annually in 2023.

Lively HSA Fee $2.95
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Monthly Employer Contribution

Monthly Employee Contribution

Number of Employees

HSA contributions may not exceed $583 monthly or $7100 annually.

Disclaimer: Employers must have an active Section 125 Cafeteria Plan in place to benefit from payroll tax savings. The payroll tax savings calculator excludes any potential unemployment tax savings. Please be sure to speak with a tax and/or legal professional as nothing on this page is intended to provide tax or legal advice.

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