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How UCAN Supports Their Employees with an Easy-to-Manage HSA

UCAN Chicago organization case study


UCAN strives to build strong youth and families through compassionate healing, education, and empowerment. They serve over 21,000 at-risk children, youth, and families across Chicago, Illinois.

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Valeice Reaves, HR Benefits and Wellness Manager

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The Challenge

Elevating the HSA experience to reduce administrative headaches and better support employees

UCAN, a social services company based in Chicago, has long recognized the value of HSAs. They have offered HSAs to their employees for over 6 years. As a core part of their benefits for employees enrolled in High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), of which about 25% of employees are enrolled, they needed an HSA that was simple to administer and frictionless to use for their employees.

UCAN’s HR Benefits and Wellness Manager, Valeice Reaves, is in charge of HSA administration. Her responsibilities include setting up employee accounts, helping them adopt their benefits, and managing the employer match programs offered by the organization. While UCAN appreciated the value of HSAs as a benefit, they also understood the importance of partnering with a responsive HSA provider, especially one that enabled employees with quick and easy access to their accounts.


[With our past HSA provider] I had none of the capabilities that I have now with Lively’s platform.


Valeice Reaves

HR Benefits and Wellness Manager

As for HSA administration, Reaves also needed an easier way to enroll and manage employees. With their previous provider, Reaves states that, “I had none of the capabilities that I have now with Lively’s platform.” Enrolling new employees included uploading a file and then waiting days, or even weeks, for an account to be created. “It was very antiquated. It wasn’t instant like it is with Lively,” she remarks.

Working with Lively provided Reaves and her employees with an exceptional HSA experience. In contrast to their previous provider, Lively offers easy-to-use dashboards that simplify account management for employees and administration for her, as well as accessible, knowledgeable support that helped drive adoption. She says, “With Lively, I don't dread the administration, the process is easy.”

The Transition to Lively

Proactive, patient, and “awesome” support

While UCAN transitioned to Lively’s HSA they were also going through substantial internal organizational transitions. Proactive and patient support from their benefit partners was crucial during this period. “The communication and support [received from Lively] alone really made a difference for me” says Reaves. “The Lively team was so patient with us, and really supported me as the admin and our company overall while we were transitioning from our old provider.”

What’s more, employees were able to easily receive the education required to help with onboarding after the transition. “The language that Lively provided to me helped me communicate with my employees,” said Reaves. If they had questions about their accounts, UCAN employees could simply login to Lively to find information on their dashboard or get answers in one phone call.


I remember uploading one file and essentially being ready to go after that.


Valeice Reaves

HR Benefits and Wellness Manager

This was notable to Reaves given that previously, employees felt they had to drive to the bank which offered their HSA to get help, something that made many hesitant to seek help from their previous HSA provider. “I think they [Lively’s customer support] were awesome with providing help when we needed it in the beginning” remarks Reaves, showing the Lively difference right from the start.

Smooth and efficient processes

In addition to the quality of the support, the process for transitioning employee accounts was also noteworthy in terms of their transitioning experience. “Once the paperwork was complete, it felt like everything that followed to enroll employees went smoothly,” says Reaves, “I remember uploading one file and essentially being ready to go after that. Also the communication sent about the transition by Lively really helped. I remember a Lively rep even reached out unprompted asking if we needed any additional help.”

The Lively Solution

Commitment to simplicity and responsive service

Employee enrollment, previously a pain point for Reaves, has been streamlined using Lively’s intuitive platform. After Open Enrollment (OE), Reaves was able to make changes to employee enrollment in Lively herself, noting, “I didn't even think about reaching out to Lively’s support during OE because the Lively admin portal is pretty easy to use.”


If employees have an easy [to use] experience, it means they’re much more likely to use the benefits.


Valeice Reaves

HR Benefits and Wellness Manager

Lively’s Customer Success Manager (CSM), Reaves’ dedicated point of contact for her admin needs, is also a major highlight for her. “It’s the responsiveness and the manner of the service itself. I like how I'm being treated,” she says. Reaves complimented her CSM, who is always willing to help, even when things get chaotic for UCAN, “I never feel like I am a burden to my CSM, she makes me feel like she’s actually happy to help me. That goes a long way for me.”

Overall, Lively’s commitment to service and their customers makes a big difference for Reaves day-to-day HSA administration and helps drive benefits adoption. “Lively’s commitment to making the process easier, for me and my employees, is my favorite part” says Reaves, “Because if employees have an easy experience, it means they're that much more likely to use the benefits.”

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