Lively's HSA Snapshot

Lively’s annual look at HSA saving, spending, and investing and what it means for brokers and employers.

Critical insights, metrics, and indicators from HSA saving, spending, and investing in 2022.

Rising inflation, consumer prices, and healthcare premiums as well as a volatile economy were just part of what made 2022 a stressful and unpredictable year. HSAs provided some respite and enabled account holders to save on medical expenses in the present and prepare for an unpredictable future. This report examines:

How HSA account holders spend

  • Examines spending on routine expenses versus major healthcare emergencies such as hospital visits.

How Lively account holders saved, spent, and invested

  • How account holder education and ease of use makes Lively account holders outperform industry averages.

Critical insights for broker and employers

  • How benefits brokers and HR administrators can offer a better benefits package and drive adoption.

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