Lively Raises $80 Million in Series C Funding Round

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The fastest growing HSA expands offerings to top financial institutions and employers.

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Today, we are excited to announce the next phase of Lively’s growth, with an $80 million Series C round led by B Capital Group, with participation from Telstra Ventures and existing investor, Costanoa Ventures. This brings Lively's total funding to more than $120 million to accelerate its mission of helping millions of Americans save for healthcare and retirement. You can read the full press release here.

This announcement comes during a year of supercharged growth for Lively. Last week we were proud to be named a ‘top HSA provider’ of 2021 by Morningstar for the third consecutive year.

“We are growing 4 times faster than legacy incumbents and will cross $1 billion in assets early next year, becoming the fastest HSA provider to do so, ever,” said Alex Cyriac, CEO and co-founder of Lively. “This newest round of funding enables us to continue on our mission to help Americans prepare for the rising cost of healthcare both today and into the future."

The additional infusion of capital will allow Lively to further invest in our industry-leading, consumer-centric platform and foster more relationships with America’s top financial institutions. It will enable us to expand Lively’s offerings to encompass all of the healthcare and financial tools Americans need to maximize their finances and overall livelihood.

Lively will continue to offer a personalized and modernized version of healthcare spending with tailored customer service and unique partnerships not found anywhere else in the industry. We started by putting the consumer first and as we grow we are committed to continue to drive value for them and empower all of Lively’s users to confidently embrace a healthy future.

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