Six Top Health Benefit Trends You Need to Know in 2022

What you need to know about rising healthcare costs, financial wellness and mental health benefits, remote work, and telehealth.

2021 was anything but “back to normal” and the start of 2022 has been equally unpredictable. As the pandemic drags on, and the Omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to create uncertainty and concern, companies are grappling with when, how, and whether to bring employees safely back into the workplace. In addition, employers, benefit providers, and benefit consultants continue to navigate shifting territory when it comes to health and wellness benefits.

Lively Benefits Trends Report 20 percent rank health benefits the number one reason to say at job

At Lively, through our work with brokers, employers, and individual HSA and FSA account holders, we have deep insight into account holder habits and industry-wide trends. Based on what we learned over the past year, we compiled our new report, Health Benefit Trends in 2022, to highlight the six top trends that employers and brokers should be aware of in the health and benefit space in the New Year.

73 percent worried about rising healthcare costs Lively Trends Report

The report includes insights such as:

  • 87% of Americans agree that healthcare costs are rising, while 73% worry about long-term healthcare costs
  • 20% of people rank health insurance it as the number one benefit for staying at a job, while 16% said it is number one for switching jobs
  • Telehealth is seeing 38 times higher usage than before the pandemic

The report breaks down what you need to know about HSAs, financial wellness and mental health benefits, and how to help your clients and employees navigate rising healthcare costs and ongoing uncertainty. This report also offers actionable insights for employers and brokers to help you understand how to respond to these trends and be fully equipped with the tools you need to navigate the new year. Download now.

What Brokers Need to know in 2022 Download Trends Report

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