A Guide to Evaluating HSAs

Evaluating HSAs differ slightly for individuals, employers, and brokers, but the base strategy remains the same – what is the most I can get, for the least cost and time required. HSA features, like investments options, continue to grow so making sure you are up to date with new options is going to prepare you for open enrollment season.

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HSA Evaluation
HSA Day 1

Why to add $1 to your HSA on Day 1

No one wants to worry about healthcare costs and out-of-pocket expenses all of the time, so most of us succumb to an out of sight, out of mind mentality. As such, once you sign up for your HSA, you leave it until you see that healthcare bill come in the mail. There is one more very important step you might have missed. We will show you how adding $1 or even $0.01 to your HSA, can make all of the difference.

“Why to add $1 to your HSA on Day 1”

Open Enrollment 2018

Open Enrollment 2018 Strategy

It’s the busy time of year for all benefits managers and HR experts – like tax season for accountants. As part of that, we wanted to review the goals and considerations of open enrollment and take a new approach to the classic employer problem – balancing increasing benefits costs with value.


“Open Enrollment 2018 Strategy”

Employer HSA

Employers: Should You Offer an HSA?

Strategizing and selecting the benefits options for employees before open enrollment is a daunting process. Open enrollment strategy requires time, effort and more options every year. By default, this makes 2018 the most complex open enrollment period yet. There are layers of complexity, hype, providers and systems integrations to think about.

“Employers: Should You Offer an HSA?”

HSA Rollover

Rolling Over Your HSA

The HSA Rollover. It sounds complicated, taxing and just plain frustrating. We will cover why Lively can eliminate all of these pains later, but rolling over your HSA to a new provider can provide lower fees, more enriched investment offerings and of course all the long-term value that comes with those features. Let us show you how to roll over your HSA.


“Rolling Over Your HSA”

HSA Investment Fees

HSA Investment Fees

HSAs have only been around since 2004, yet traditional financial institutions burdened them with hidden fees from the onset.  Even newer, HSA investments share the same fate. HSA investments can be riddled with hidden fees that can limit your investment growth and financial returns. Not all HSAs or HSA investments are created equal, let us show you what to look out for to make the most of your HSA investment.

self-directed HSA Investments

Self-Directed HSA Investments

Choice is a wonderful thing. Options and variety keep us satisfied and excited. Flexibility allows us to choose the best path. Doesn’t it always seem like healthcare options lack flexibility? We took that to heart at Lively and so when we launched our HSA Investments option, we make sure to include flexibility as a cornerstone benefit.

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