Small Business HSA

What is more important to a small business owner than keeping costs low and employees happy? Its hard to find both, especially when selecting a health plan. Lower costs, that still offers the benefits employees expect, are why a small business owner should choose an HSA-eligible health plan.

Few benefits in healthcare are one size fits all. HSAs are no different. Finding an HSA, that works with your existing healthcare benefits (and payroll systems) will save you time and money today. Finding an HSA that scales as your business grows, will ensure you don’t have to waste time next year!

How Can Small Businesses Afford Health Insurance?

HSAs are one important part of your employee healthcare package. An HSA provides tax-free savings for health expenses for today and years to come, but an HSA is not your health insurance.

Finding low-cost health insurance that offers the coverage of traditional health plans but at a lower cost is hard. It’s likely why many businesses now offer high deductible health plans. They have the coverage employees expect, but they do have higher out-of-pocket costs. When HDHPs are coupled with an HSA, not only do they offer the coverage that employees expect, but a one-of-a-kind way to save health dedicated money for long-term costs.

The Small Business HSA

Features are great, but before we get there. We need to get down to brass tax. Hidden and unknown costs can sink a small business. No matter how small it is, hidden costs won’t be tolerated. No surprises. No hidden fees. That is a small business HSA requirement.

An affordable HSA might be the only type of HSA a small business should consider. SMBs need to offer benefits but save money.

SMB Healthcare Solutions

Every small business wants to grow, so the more employees you add, the more time your healthcare needs can require. Scalable benefits that work with your existing payroll and make paperwork obsolete will save you time. If you can find affordable and scalable healthcare benefits today, you will save time and money as you grow.

If you need more help with health account decisions, check out our blog. We will make you a healthcare benefits expert in no time, without any extra work or effort on your end.

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